Terms & Conditions

National Cancer Lottery

Terms & Conditions

Conducted under the provisions of the NSW Lotteries & Art Unions Act (1901) Charitable Fundraising Act (1991). NSW Authority: CFN21976.

Current Lotteries

National Cancer Lottery #33

Terms and Conditions:

Raffle is conducted under NSW Lotteries and Art Unions Act (1901) and Charitable Fundraising Act 1991. ACT Permit R 21/00181. Prizes are not transferable. All photos are for display purposes only. Lottery drawn 5pm on 12th April 2024 at Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation, Suite 506, 208 Forest Road Hurstville NSW.  Results will be published here on 15/04/2024. All winners are notified by telephone and mail. Three extra (“spare”) winners will be drawn and any unclaimed prize will be awarded to the to the first “spare”.  ABN 80-150590006. NSW Charity CFN-21976. Queensland: CH2351. For enquiries or extra tickets, call 1300-084311 (Mon-Fri, 12pm-8pm). Follow on Facebook here

General terms and conditions

Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation’s National Cancer Lottery, Art Unions & Cancer Crusaders Club are conducted under the provisions of the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 (NSW); Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 (NSW); Collections Act 1966 (Queensland); Victorian Gambling Regulation Act 2003; , ACT Lotteries Act 1964, ACT Fundraising Act 1998; and Tasmanian Collection for Charities Act 2001. Charity Registration: NSW CFN 21976; QLD CH2351; VIC 58790; SA 1974 Entry in a lottery is deemed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Changes to the Terms may be made subject to regulatory consent or restrictions. Tickets in the lottery are promoted and sold to residents of NSW, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory by telephone, mail and internet.
For information on how to play responsibly: 
National Gambling Helpline: 1800 858 858

Our Gambling Code of Practice

More information on our Code of Practice is here.

Telephone standards

The telephone numbers we call are from the public telephone directory. Calls are made only at times permitted by legislation. If a call is inconvenient, you may request that we call back another time, or not at all. As charities are exempt from the Do Not Call Register Act, we offer our own Do-Not-Call register, where a requested phone number can be listed and never called again.

Draw of winners

The draw will occur at the address shown on the ticket and on our website. Prizes are awarded in descending order, with First Prize drawn first. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months of the draw. The winning ticket number(s) and suburb or town are published within 7 days of the draw at www.pbcf.org.au. Unless authorised by the winner, details of winner’s names, contact or personal information are not published or made available, as we respect the privacy of winners.

Entry in the draw is non-refundable after the draw. In the event of the intervention of any outside agent or event which changes the result or prevents or hinders it, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, global pandemic, atomic war, alien invasion or strikes, the Promoter may cancel or postpone the draw and recommence it from the start. Any such alteration will be advised at www.pbcf.org.au. Information on the ticket and these terms form the conditions of entry. Details of draw dates and prizes are here.

Entry and payment terms

Entry is by purchase or by pledge (promise) to purchase Lucky Number entries. Entries may be sent to you by mail or email. Only paid entries will be eligible to be put into the Draw. An eligible entry in a lottery draw is one for which payment has been banked. Any payments received after the draw are credited to the next lottery, or may be refunded on request. Where entries are credited to the next draw, a new set of Lucky Number tickets will be sent to you. You may also be issued with additional (“Bonus”) tickets if you have previously purchased tickets or if payment is received promptly.


Those involved in the sales, management or supervision of the lottery and their immediate family are not permitted to enter. Ticket purchasers must be over 18 years of age.


Prizes are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash. In the event that a prize cannot be supplied, the Promoter reserves the right to supply a replacement prize of similar type and value. All taxes, liabilities and costs not included with the prize are the responsibility of the winner. Payment for travel prizes will only be made to a registered travel agent. Car prizes are ordered when the winner accepts the prize and must be collected within 28 days. Prize values are in Australian Dollars. The value shown is the recommended retail values as provided by the supplier on the commencement date. For Coles Group & Myer Gift Card prizes, conditions and exclusions apply – see www.giftcards.com.au


Where funds are received as a donation or a minor sum, the payment is deemed to be a donation. Where the amount is $2 or more, a tax-deductible receipt is issued.


Should you wish not to receive any more telephone calls, please call our National Hotline on 1300-084311 or email info@pbcf.org.au, and we will add your telephone number to our Do-not-Call list, so the number is not called. To make a complaint or tell us how we can improve, please contact us by either calling our national Hotline 1300-084311 or email info@pbcf.org.au, with details of your name and contact details (phone or email). Tickets are not refundable after the draw but may be requested up to ten (10) business days prior to a draw. Our ability to refund may in some cases also be restricted by the Permit conditions &/or the State gaming regulator.


A request to access, update or correct any personal information should be directed to the National Cancer Lottery Hotline – 1300 084311 or email info@pbcf.org.au. Our Privacy Policy is can be found at www.pbcf.org.au/privacy-policy.

Cancer crusaders club

You can become a Cancer Crusader by accepting our offer during our telephone call or by calling the National Cancer Lottery on 1300 084311.

Crusaders make payments by monthly credit card or by direct debit.

Cancer Crusaders receive entries in every lottery draw. All prize winners are advised by registered post and published at www.pbcf.org.au. On joining, you will receive a set of Lucky Numbers that reflect your monthly payment.  Where there is any variation in payment or any carry-over balance, Lucky Numbers either adjusted or are credited to the next draw. You may choose to stop payments at any time.