Help us provide support to patients like Rochelle at a time they need it most. 

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Meet Rochelle, A young and talented nuclear medicine scientist.

Since embarking on her medical career six years ago, Rochelle has assisted in the diagnosis and treatment of countless cancer patients through her work at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. She had seen almost every scenario play out before her eyes, but the one she least expected, was becoming a cancer patient herself.  

“When I received my diagnosis, I was alone. I had assumed I was seeing a surgeon to have a benign lump removed so I didn’t bring anyone with me. I just remember feeling shocked and completely numb. Working in medicine and following in my mum’s footsteps, I knew exactly what I was in for, and I knew it would be tough”.
- Rochelle (Patient)

Your generosity can transform lives

Your donation can ensure we provide specialised support to even more patients in need.


Support a patient

$30 will help pay for transport to and from hospital appointmnets and treatment.


Fund Research

$80 will help to fund our support of ground-breaking cancer research at StGeorge Research centre.


Train Volunteers

$150 will fund a full day of training for 10 new volunteers to provide one-to-onesupport to patients who need it most.