St George Cancer Centre Research

A number of promising areas of research into cancer are in progress at the St George Cancer Centre. Research includes:

  • Investigation of the ways prostate & ovarian cancer metastasise (spread),  and the drug and radio-resistance associated with tumour micro-environments, and cancer stem cell (CSC ) & epithelial cell changes; and
  • Investigation of ‘novel biomarkers’ in human body fluids, looking for markers that may indicate cancer. This work offers hope of new metheds of early diagnosis, so critical in many cancers where the symptoms only become known when it’s too late.

The aim is to develop targeted and combination cancer therapies to control micro-metastatic prostate, breast and ovarian cancers. The work has application for other similar cancers as well.

Targeted therapies mean that patients are likely to live longer and with a higher quality of life, as the treatments have less risk, less side effects and a greater impact on the cancer.

Published Research

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