What is CanCare Navigation?

CanCare Navigation was inspired by the innovative work of Dr Harold Freeman's 'Patient Navigation Institute', and work in the UK & US on social innovations in supportive care, 'barriers' to treatment and social connectedness. The CanCare Support program trains and enables a team of volunteers to support, one-to-one, a person with cancer.

The program complements this critical work with workshops for patients and carers in wellbeing, with a focus on exercise, mindfulness and communications. The Foundation runs the National Cancer Lottery to support program funding, as well as encouraging donations through direct mail, telephone and digital channels.

CanCare Navigation. One-to-one support

CanCare’s Navigators ‘walk beside’ a person with cancer, helping them get the support they need, at the time they need it most.

The CanCare Navigator provides practical, one-to-one support, such as

  • Providing regular contact and practical help
  • Finding transport to or from treatment
  • Organising social outings and connecting to support groups
  • Just ‘checking-in’ to make sure everything is OK

CanCare Navigators

After a cancer diagnosis, normal routines and life can be very disrupted. It's a challenging time and with advances in cancer treatment, there are often many treatments and medical specialists involved.

CanCare Navigator’s can support a person with cancer and stay in touch with regular contact – in person or by phone, text or email, and be there as things change or until they are back on track.

Our volunteer Navigators can help:

Access information and community services

Find transportation to and from treatment

Organise or take a person on social outings

Encourage regular contact with their GP

Raising any concerns

Just be there when a person needs a friend

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Research shows that patients who are well supported experience lower rates of anxiety, mood disorder, nausea and pain, and know more about the disease and the treatment options available.