Refer a Patient

CanCare Navigators provide one-to-one non-medical support for a person with cancer, helping them access the services they need during and after their treatment.

Our volunteer Navigators provide companionship, support, time, and knowledge to help identify any problems & link the patient to community services and resources.

Our volunteers help patients to:

  • Feel less isolated through regular, ongoing contact.
  • Be more empowered and find reputable health information.
  • Improve self-management skills to better manage their care; and
  • Better comply with treatment and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

 Some of the tasks of our volunteers include:

  • Support to stay as healthy as they can whilst in treatment.
  • Support in finding new interest and activities.
  • Assistance to attend medical or important appointments.
  • Assist finding other support services.
  • Accompany to do their grocery shopping.
  • General companionship with walks or catching up over coffee and cake.

Make a Referral for Help

Details person/facility making this referral

Details of person being referred for help:

 Has a cancer diagnosis
 Is in need of social support
 Does not have a mental health diagnosis or acute or severe nature
 Is over age of 18
 Does not present any risk of violence
 Is suitable for social support by a CanCare Volunteer

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