Meet Jenny - CanCare Patient

As we chat, it’s evident that the focus of Jenny’s life has always been her family.After moving to Sydney from Hong Kong to be near her family, Jenny’s devotion to her family has shaped her life. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Jenny had just returned from celebrating her daughter’s wedding overseas. After having a mammogram just a couple of months earlier, finding a lump in her breast was a shock that took her very much by surprise.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy followed. As someone who had always been proudly independent, trying to run the small family business and not wishing to burden her family with worry, Jenny found there was an emotional toll, as well as a physical one, as she tried to stay strong for everyone else.

Having Noi to help her, when she’s always been the one to help others, has been one of the small but significant steps in Jenny’s cancer journey.

A warm and welcome relief from the worry came in the form of Noi, her CanCare volunteer. Typically, one of Jenny’s main concerns was how she would attend all of her hospital appointments without burdening her family.

Noi soon became much more than a volunteer. As two ladies with many similar experiences, they took to having tea in between appointments, and a warm friendship developed.

While Jenny says she’s been able to lead a relatively normal life during her cancer and is now in generally good health, she has struggled with feelings of loneliness. Ironically, worry about the rest of the family worrying about her was her biggest source of anxiety during her cancer.

Jenny said that “Reconciling that there are some things that are simply out of your control has been the hardest part.”

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.