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Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation

Phone: (02) 8058 9060


Training Centre:
Suite 506, 208 Forest Road Hurstville NSW 2220


I have an enquiry about the National Cancer Lottery?

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You can either make an enquiry here or you may also call o1300 084311, Monday -Friday, 12pm - 8pm (EST).
You can also email us at:

I would like to cancel a regular payment for Crusaders Lottery tickets, or a regular monthly donation.

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Please complete this form, with your name, phone and an email address (if you have one). We will confirm confirm the cancellation prior to your next payment. If you are not sure what the payment is for, check your bank statement:
*Regular donations (tax deductible) are on 1st of each month;
* Regular Lottery (Crusaders) are on or near 15th of each month.