Meet Paul - CanCare Volunteer

Paul’s mother required nursing home care as she aged and could no longer care for herself at home. Whilst visiting his mother he noticed that many people never received any visitors. This led him to start thinking about all the people who did not have family and friends to support them.

After retiring from a successful career in insurance Paul was looking for a rewarding volunteering opportunity. As a survivor of prostate cancer, he was interested in doing some volunteering in the cancer area, and the CanCare volunteer role ticked all the boxes.

CanCare Navigator - Paul

I wanted to do something to support people who don’t have the support they need, becoming a CanCare volunteer gave me this opportunity.”

“The young man I first supported had recently lost both of his parents and the rest of his family lived a few hours away. He needed help with opening a bank account, applying for benefits and lots of encouragement and support as he went through his treatment” said Paul.

Paul finds the role both challenging and rewarding, but knowing he is helping someone who really needs support is the best part. He is especially rewarded to know that through his involvement, they will have attended all of their appointments, giving them the best possible health outcome.

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.