Meet Phillip - CanCare Patient

As someone who is strong, independent and enjoys living on his own, Philip connected to CanCare after  he was diagnosed with cancer. Through Ross, his CanCare volunteer, Phillip was able to get some of his independence back with help getting his car fixed. Ross also helped to arrange for his medications to be home delivered, and found further medical advice to better manage his pain.

“When I first met Ross, I realised I could trust him and that there are some good people around who could help me. I have never looked back since” said Philip.

And later...

Later, after talking to Ross about his family Ross helped him find his sister and following a successful reunion, he reconnected with his son, who he had not seen since he was four years old. On reuniting with his son, he was delighted to discover he was a grandfather.

“Helping reunite Phillip with his family has been the most rewarding experience for me. He has gone from having no support to a sister who has regular contact, with and a son and grandchild he now sees” said Ross.

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.