New website promises to be one-stop shop for cancer patients

Patients now have access to an interactive one-stop shop website for cancer information, with data on survival rates, screening and treatment.

Cancer Australia CEO Professor Helen Zorbas said the new National Cancer Control Indicators (NCCI) website was a unique, national resource bringing reliable national data together for the first time.

“It helps illuminate the cancer landscape. The data on the website will enhance our understanding, stimulate enquiry and inform future direction in cancer control — whether that’s in research or policy or clinical care,” Professor Zorbas said.

The NCCI website was designed for policymakers, governments, cancer organisation, researchers and health professionals.

“Most importantly, for the broader community and the people affected by cancer, it’s a trustworthy, authoritative source of information,” Professor Zorbas said.

The website provides data on cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and psychological care.

It also allows experts to monitor Australian cancer trends and compare them to those in other countries.

Patients can look up what percentage of people took part in bowel cancer screening programs (40.9 per cent) or how many Australians had a diagnosed cancer in a particular year (in 2012, it was more than 410,500). Read more…

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