YWCA Encore Program

A post-surgery exercise & recovery program

In partnership with YWCA-Encore, the Foundation supports the delivery of Encore, a free 8-week program for women who have experienced breast cancer. Encore lowers the risk of lymphoedema and helps restore strength, mobility, self-confidence and general well-being. Our partnership aims to see more programs running more frequently, especially in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Encore offers a range of specially designed gentle exercise and relaxation activities free of charge.

There are many after-effects of breast cancer surgery, such as numbness, pins and needles, loss of mobility and discomfort in their upper bodies. Simple things like doing the washing, hugging or carrying children can be difficult if not impossible.

Encore helps:

  • Improve health and quality of life
  • Improve fitness, mobility and strength
  • Reduce the risk of developing treatment-related side effects such as pain, fatigue or lymphoedema
  • Reduce or manage side effects of breast cancer treatment including pain, fatigue and lymphoedema
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Have more information on breast cancer resources & healthy living choices
  • Improve body image and self esteem and restore a sense of control
  • Have an opportunity to share experiences with other women
  • Enjoy laughter, relaxation and fun!

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