Patricia’s Story

When Patricia was first referred to the CanCare program from the hospital social-work team in southern Sydney, she was close to the end of treatment. With a high regard for “the wonderful nurses” that helped after the mastectomy and chemotherapy, she could now put it all behind her. For the medical issues that she would still have to deal with, such as the pain, oedema (fluid buildup) and mobility, she would now become an outpatient, with regular visits to therapists and specialists.

For many people with cancer the most difficult times are when they are first diagnosed and at the end of treatment when they no longer have regular contact with their healthcare team. During treatment Patricia was introduced to Alicia, one of CanCare’s volunteer navigators.

Alicia now sees Patricia once a week, supporting her with everyday tasks and anything to help her stay focused on getting better. With her husband busy at work and other family not able to help, she felt she was “a bit alone and out on a limb”. Now, a weekly coffee, chat and some ‘remedial shopping’ is helping her feel supported and better able to cope.

CanCare Navigators, through their presence, one-to-one support and knowledge of the local resources and services can support a person living with cancer as they face the challenges ahead.

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need. 

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