CanCare Navigation One-to-One Support

CanCare’s Navigators ‘walk beside’ a person with cancer, helping them get the support they need, at the time they need it most.

The CanCare Navigator provides practical, one-to-one support, such as

  • Providing regular contact and practical help
  • Filling out complex medical forms
  • Finding transport to or from treatment
  • Arranging child care, elderly care, or pet care during treatment
  • Organising social outings and connecting to support groups
  • ‘Checking-in’, to make sure everything is OK

CanCare Navigators

After a cancer diagnosis, the normal routine and life of a person is often disrupted by such a life changing event. Advances in cancer treatment means there are often many treatments and a variety of specialists involved.

CanCare Navigator’s have regular contact face to face, or by phone, text, email or Skype (/Faceitme, Zoom..). and provide support ongoing support until it is no longer required. .

Volunteer navigators can help to:

  • access information and community services
  • complete complex medical forms
  • find transportation to and from treatment
  • arrange child care while a parent receives care,
  • organise or take a person on social outings
  • encourage regular contact with their GP
  • alert hospital staff to any concerns
  • just be there when a person needs a friend.

There is evidence that patients who are well supported and have their needs addressed experience lower rates of anxiety, mood disorder, nausea, vomiting and pain, and know more about their disease and the treatment options available.

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