Innovative chemo treatment could kill cancer cells without harming the body

Luchiano Mazzuco was just 15 months old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system that has a survival rate of only 50 percent.

“We didn’t even realise cancer existed in children. We thought ‘he’s a baby how can he have cancer how did he get cancer’,” his mother, Mariam, told 9NEWS.

o is now in remission after being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at just 15 months old. (9NEWS)

Eight rounds of chemotherapy saved Luchiano’s life, but left him with hardened arteries, hair loss, a depleted immune system and at high risk of developing a secondary cancer.

“The chemo not only kills the cancer, but it kills everything else,” the boy’s father, Aldo, said.

Professor David Ziegler from the Children’s Cancer Institute added that “most of the time children in hospital is actually because of the chemotherapy rather than the cancer”. Read more… 

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