I would like to buy tickets. What are the payment options?+
How do I get my Lucky Numbers (tickets)?+
How do I find out if I have won?+
Where are draws held?+
Do winners pay tax on any of the prizes if they win?+
If I win a big prize, like a car can I sell it?+
I had a missed call from (02) 8284-2672 or (08) 6444 4811 - is this the National Cancer Lottery?+
I order my tickets through the mail. Why would you be calling me?+
I'd like to be notified when your next Art Union starts. Can I be kept up to date via email?+
How do I sign up as a Cancer Crusader?+
If I become a Cancer Crusader, can I stop or alter my automatic credit card or direct debit payments?+
What are "bonus" tickets? How do I qualify?+
If I am a Cancer Crusader, how do I know what my ticket-numbers are?+
I sent you an email, generally how quickly will you respond?+
Who do I contact if I'd like to know more?+

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