Cancer Council warns over cancer causing ‘myths’

Deodorant, artificial sweeteners and makeup have all been rumoured to cause cancer but the Cancer Council is warning people not to believe everything you read online, as cancer myths flourish with the growth of online communication.

Director of Education and Research at Cancer Council WA, Terry Slevin, said the council has compiled a list of common cancer myths to address misinformation online.

“The capacity for these myths to be disseminated through the net, whether it’s through mass emails, Facebook and other tools, is a very efficient way of getting stories around,” he said.

Mr Slevin said the myths come about as a result of obscure studies, misinterpretation of research and commercial interference.

“We’d like to see people focus on the things that will make a difference, that will reduce people’s cancer risk and not focus on the things that really just cause anxiety and concern unnecessarily,” he said.

Here are some of the myths the council is keen to bust:

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