Cancer & Caring for Yourself

During your cancer treatment it is important to look after yourself.

Try to maintain a healthy diet.  This will help to reduce side effects, maintain your weight and lower the risk of infection.  Try to stick to wholegrains, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and always wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly.  Drink water regularly to maintain hydration and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Exercise regularly. Exercise will boost your mood and keep up your strength.  Try to aim for at least 30 minutes a day.  Exercising can boost your immune system and enhance your quality of life.  Research has shown that exercising can help you not just survive but thrive during and after cancer.

Take time to rest. Whilst exercise is important during cancer treatment, taking to time to rest is also important.  Listen to your body, don’t overdo it and try to get adequate sleep.  Unfortunately sleep patterns can be interrupted during cancer treatment due to side effects, medications, daily fatigue, anxiety and pain.  Seeking medical advice to help address any issues affecting sleep is a good idea and will help to enable much needed restful sleep, allowing your body to heal.

Managing your stress.  Meditation and relaxation techniques can help alleviate stress. Incorporating these techniques will open your mind and enable you to relax by releasing tension.  These techniques can also help with sleep issues and can be practised at night before bed.

Reach out for support.  Having someone that you can talk to about your feelings around your cancer diagnosis is important to help you manage these feelings.  A family member, friend or a trained counsellor.  Research has shown that counselling can help some people overcome the depression and anxiety that cancer can cause.

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