When Someone Says, “I Have Cancer”

Being told someone you care about has cancer can personally be a very traumatic experience. Not knowing what to say in those circumstances can often leave you feeling confused and awkward. Difficult conversations can be eased when you are more equipped with how to deal with them and know the right approach to take. 

It is important to take a moment to think before you speak, it is vital in those situations for you to be able to demonstrate EMPATHY to that person.   Understanding …

Experts worried people delaying medical tests due to coronavirus will create ‘tidal wave’ of diagnoses

The message to Australians to ‘stay at home’ during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many people putting off lifesaving cancer screening.

Recent data shows a 60 percent reduction in PSA tests over an eight-week period compared to the 12 months before, an alarming decline in blood tests to detect prostate cancer, a condition which affects one in seven men by the age of 85.

Whilst GP’s have actively been encouraging people not to avoid them, as many as 1 in …

Single negative colonoscopy predicts low colorectal cancer risk

A Polish population based study conducted over 11 years, found that a single negative high quality colonoscopy is associated with long-lasting, signification reductions in the incidence of, and mortality from colorectal cancer.

The study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed that the ten-year interval between high quality screening colonoscopies is safe and that there is no benefit from more frequent screening.

High quality screening was defined by three key properties: cecal intubation, adequate bowel preparation and an endoscopist’s adenoma …

Cancer care shortcut wins entrepreneurship showcase

In its 20th year, the much coveted first prize of the UNSW Peter Farrell Cup was awarded to a team of medical researchers, with a device which enables doctors to provide the best health care for cancer patients by developing personal treatment strategies.

The Alten device is a device which will help oncologists to know which treatment is right for each patient’s cancer.  This is often a dilemma they are faced with, especially when the first line of treatment fails.

In …

Rugby league legend Ray Price and wife reveal cancer battle

Parramatta great, rugby league legend Ray Price and his wife Sandy are both battling cancer together.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph the couple revealed they both have life-threatening melanomas and are undergoing treatment. Sandy has stage 4 and Ray has stage 3, the doctors have said “It’s a million to one chance of them both having it together”

Ray is regarded as one of rugby leagues toughest ever players, having already beaten bowel cancer many years ago, he remains positive. …

Is a delayed cancer diagnosis a consequence of COVID-19?

Some countries have reported a 40 per cent decline in cancer cases at the peak of COVID-19.

Although there’s no specific Australian cancer incidence data during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is related health service data which suggest Australia could experience similar declines – cancer hospitals have reported receiving fewer referrals.

Several reasons for these declines could include; a reluctance to attend the GP clinic during the pandemic.  Lower participation in screening, pathology and radiology testing.  Existing cancer patients …

Announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 was awarded jointly to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo “for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.”

“We can cure cancer with it”
Klas Kärre, member of the Nobel Committee, on the life-changing possibilities of this year’s Nobel Prize awarded discovery. Professor Kärre, member of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, was interviewed by freelance journalist Lotta Fredholm following the announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

What it’s really like to lose both your breasts to cancer

Louise Turner, 47, had a wonderful life before a sudden breast cancer diagnosis. In the battle to save her life, she needed to have both breasts removed. Afterwards, she set on a mission to reclaim her curves.

“Back in 2012, I was happily juggling family life with my husband Geoff, our two children Vanessa and Justin, and my career in vocational education.

Aged 41, life was full of sports on the weekends, evenings out, family events, friends, and plenty of love and laughter.

Then one day, I told a work colleague about the latest small lump I’d felt in my right breast.

Previously, I’d undergone …

Laziest food companies exposed in scathing ‘obesity prevention’ report card

Parmalat, the food giant behind Vaalia and Ski yoghurts, has ranked last in a study that examined the obesity prevention efforts of Australia’s biggest food and beverage manufacturers, scoring a derisory three out of 100.
With an alarming two-thirds of adults overweight or obese, Deakin University researchers ranked Australia’s top 19 food and drink companies based on health-related policies in areas such as product formulation, nutrition labelling and advertising to children.
Scores ranged from three to 71 out of 100, with four companies – Parmalat, Goodman Fielder (owner of Helga’s bread), Schweppes (Spring Valley juice) and Tru …

BBC presenter forced to work during cancer treatment

A radio presenter in the UK says she was forced to work throughout gruelling breast cancer treatment because her employer forced her to move to a freelance contract without sick pay.

Kirsty Lang told the Commons culture committee that the BBC instructed her to enter into a freelance arrangement in 2013, causing her to have to “work the whole way through’ radiotherapy treatment, or she would stop receiving an income.

Lang gave evidence alongside colleagues to the Commons culture committee to highlight the issue of workers being forced into freelance contracts.

As a result of being forced onto a freelance contract, the presenter …

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