In Australia each year over 6,000 men and women die of prostate or breast cancer. They are the two most common invasive cancers, and fortunately the most survivable.

The Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for patients for all types of cancer.

Our programs include:

  • Research at St George Clinical School – investigation of chemo and radio resistance, biomarkers and targeted treatments
  • Publications and information services – community stalls and events

Mission: To improve the quality of life for cancer patients with priority to those:

  • Socially or geographically isolated;
  • Economically disadvantaged & unable to afford care; and
  • Culturally or linguistically diverse groups


Compassion: Building empathy and understanding for those most in need, and in recognition of social and economic inequities.

Wholistic: Delivering measured, transparent patient-centred outcomes; supporting personal growth and empowerment.

Transparent: Working with integrity, accountability and evidence-based practice.


WHO (World Health Organisation) define health as

“A state of physical, emotional and psychological well-being”


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