Terminally-ill bowel cancer patient sues over delayed diagnosis, missed opportunities for treatment

58-year-old Jeff Whitehead first visited his doctor in May 2017 complaining of abdominal pain and sadly due to multiple missed opportunities for treatment Jeff’s cancer is now terminal. Jeff is taking his former GP and hospital to court claiming they failed to detect a cancerous tumour in time to stop it becoming terminal.

A colonoscopy in August 2017 produced a normal result despite his symptoms worsening, he subsequently took a national bowel screening test in February 2018 which came back with a positive result but was dismissed by his GP and no further investigation was made.

Upon routine blood tests conducted by another doctor prior to a knee operation concerns were raised with iron deficiency and the presence of a protein that can be linked to cancer. His GP was made aware of the results but it was another 3 months until the CT scan was ordered. The CT scan revealed a cricket ball sized tumour in the junction between his large and small intestines spreading to his liver and lungs resulting in emergency surgery.

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