‘Game changer’ radiotherapy treatment offers new hope, ‘spectacular results’ for chronic skin cancer patients

Across Australia nearly 1 million are treated for non-melanoma skin cancers every year. Brett Gibbs gets a new life-changing treatment to remove the skin cancers on his scalp, neck and face. The 55-year-old who was previously paranoid and embarrassed to go out as people would stare at him is getting his confidence back and has never been happier.

The research study led by GenesisCare partnered with Queensland dermatologist Robert Sinclair started in Queensland four years ago and was the first widespread use of wide-field radiotherapy for severe solar damaged skin. The innovative treatment, known as Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), delivers wide-field radiation that shoots from all angles as the machine rotates around the patient and is designed to target tumours with radiation beams whilst avoiding other surrounding organs. Having now treated more than 4000 patients around the country, the results have been spectacular with 99% of cancers cleared.

Cancer Council Australia has recently updated its guidelines for non-melanoma skin cancers, recommending VMAT as a treatment option for chronic sufferers. Read more…

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