Breast Cancer Awareness month: ‘Knowing I had the breast cancer gene saved my life’

34 year old Dimity knew from an early age that her Mum carried the BRCA gene and decided to get tested herself at 21. Knowing that she also carried the BRCA gene allowed her to take matters in to her on hands and have a yearly MRI. “I was a bit of a control freak, so I wanted to be able to plan everything. I found knowing I had the gene was a bit of a weight on my shoulders, but it became the most powerful card up my sleeve.”

Dimity was unfortunately diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer that had spread to one node at the age of 31. She underwent treatment a double mastectomy, reconstruction and participated in a clinical drug trial which left her fighting nausea and fatigue for a year. But Dimity pushed through it, and admits her experience was much better compared to what her mum endured in the 90s.

With the help and support of everyone in her life Dimity is now 18 months’ post treatment and reflects on her experience having changed her for the better. Read more…

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