BRCA carriers have same chances of surviving breast cancer as those without the mutations

On Tuesday, 30-year-old Jessica Braude will undergo a bilateral mastectomy.

It’s been a little over a year since she was told she carried one of the high risk breast cancer gene mutation BRCA2 , over six months since she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and a few weeks since she finished the last of a gruelling 16 weeks of chemotherapy.

Jessica Braude, 30, is a BRCA2 carrier and will undergo a bilateral mastectomy after her initial treatment for triple ...Jessica Braude, 30, is a BRCA2 carrier …

Dozens of countries now tax sugary drinks but sweet-toothed Australia isn’t interested!

This year five countries, including Ireland, the United Kingdom and South Africa, will join 26 nations who have raised the price of sugary drinks in the hope of a healthier population.

Meanwhile, Australia – one of the fattest countries in the world – is defiantly refusing to consider a so-called “sugar tax”.

The Australian sugar and beverage industries have been working hard to keep the so-called “sugar tax” off the policy table of both major political parties. “Zero chance,” the Turnbull government has said.

Obesity is an international conundrum, sparking fierce policy brawls as the beverage industry attempts to slap down health …

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