Heather’s Story

Able to move from being a total stranger to a trusted confidante in a short space of time, Heather’s natural nurturing instincts abound. Filled with warmth, humour and good nature, she develops an easy and genuine rapport with people who are often in the middle of the most challenging time of their lives.

As a mum to two grown boys and a Nanna to two adored granddaughters who she often looks after, she relishes every moment she has with them. Heather’s also a volunteer ‘Ward Granny’ at Sydney’s St George Hospital in the children’s ward, and she has been a carer herself, to her father and sister-in-law when they each had cancer, so she knows first-hand what other carers are going through.

Everyone’s cancer journey is unique, and Heather helps them to find a path and navigate that journey. As well as the practical support, she is a shoulder to laugh or cry on, an ear to listen without judgment, and a comforting presence when the future is unknown.

‘As a CanCare volunteer you really appreciate what you’ve got. I’m able to give back, but it’s also strengthened my own family relationships. Simply being able to cuddle my granddaughters after a hard day, is totally life-affirming.’

Heather says that while it is sometimes personally draining, the positive aspects far outweigh the difficult ones.

‘For half an hour, I can take people away from what they’re dealing with. They can tell me anything, their worries or fears, cry or laugh and be happy.’

Walking along the bay at Ramsgate and recharging her own batteries, Heather reflects on how lucky she is to be able to help those who need her and truly believes how life-affirming it is to be a CanCare volunteer and help others in need.

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